Born in Poland music producer, DJ and event promoter. He’s been making music since the mid 90s, first as a guitarist and a vocalist, later turning into a DJ and finally making his own electronic beats.

In 2007 he signed to Timewarp Music, in which he had four digital EPs released and a full debut album entitled ‘Funked Up’ (2012), representing his personal style of Nu Funk. He has also released music through other Nu Funk-oriented labels like Rebel Scream or Bombastic Jam.

Apart from making music and playing it, he is also responsible for organizing many successful club nights such as Tru:Funk or XLNT Night Out. Having invited and played along some of the finest DJs and music producers from all over Europe, he is looking further for new opportunities for promoting Nu Funk, Big Beats and Funky Breaks.

In autumn 2010 he created Tru Funk crew, which was turned into a successful digital label in spring the following year and in 2013 released his second LP ‘Funky Beats & Re-Edits’. He’s currently broadening his musical horizons with new sounds, mainly thanks to turning (after over 11 years of its existence) XLNT Crew into an independent label: XLNT Records.