Bartosz Maciejewski aka Boroof – a bit older than the broken nuclear reactor in Chernobyl…

His adventure with music began when he was in kindergarten, where he tried playing the accordion brought by his grandfather from Bulgaria. However, soon enough, he discovered that if he could not become a well established musician, he would start doing… whatever else.

While studying by the sea, he met BMD and joined XLNT, creating graphics projects of posters and flyers to support the Crew’s parties. He also managed to organise a few events himself (including Neptunalia at club Sfinks in Sopot). Having been wearied out with a few perturbations connected with his place of residence and everyday not-doing-too-much philosophy, he resigned from creating graphics and organizing events.

A participant of a huge number of music festivals and events, including those organized by XLNT, he likes to keep his ear to the music. At present, he can be seen not only at the crew’s events as a ‘marketing guerilla’. All in all, he doesn’t do much, but when he does, he does it well.