Fazi aka Rafał Michalski. His adventure with music started very early and has continued ever since. He heard his first typically electronic music in 1992 (Kraftwerk and Koto). Later, he got into Rave, which lasted until 1996, when he found himself in Torun club Baza at one of the parties called ‘Kwasne Psoty’. This was his first ever house party, at which he ‘caught the bug’ and got interested in house music and mixing records. A year later he bought his first pair of turntables and 18 records; five months of practicing and intensive training landed him DJing at his first ever gig in Deep, one of the clubs in Grudziadz, his home town.

Since then, Fazi has come a long way, playing at numerous clubs in Poland, spinning along some of the finest house DJs not only from his own country, including artists like Phil Barbee and Hwa Young. In 2001 he took part in DJ Mix Festival in Lodz. Since the very beginning (2003), he has been a member of XLNT Crew. His laidback and easy going approach to parties and the surrounding world in general is something others feel envious of; and when it come to music, he’s like good wine – the older, the better.