There is indeed something in his sounds that makes even the bitterest days taste good. He’s truly inspired and powered by everything around. With his career starting in his bedroom on Fast Track 2, later Re-Birth, he has always made one come back and listen to his tracks over and over again.

His hip-hop crew, Heliocentrycznie, have marked an important sign in the minds of youngsters in a small town in the north of Poland, where it all started. Later, in 2005, his solo productions earned the attention of Red Bull Music Academy. While being in Seattle though, he focused more on free beers than building relationships with other ‘artists’. Yet, he has still managed to make a few good friendships with a bunch of outsiders.

Today, greatly inspired by the beat sounds of LA, modern synth sounds, industrial drums and soft rhodes keys, he wants to be a part of that beat movement, pumping rhythm into everyone’s day life, more than a night life...