XLNT 001
max.sugar - evolution

This is the debut release of max.sugar. Four tracks EP released for XLNT could be described as Air Beats and circulates somewhere between Downtempo, Electronica and Experimental. All the tracks are sweetly laid-back with plenty of space to contemplate. Perfect to listen to in a car, at work, on your way back home and with your loved ones (or the cat).

You will notice exceptionally dark and trip-hop-ish timothy inspired by the suffering from existential pain of a dark Sunday morning. Fresh juicy heart tartare, a not-so-naive story of broken lovers, with a sweet beginning and a massive synth ending, will remind you the most common flow of any love story around the world, chopping your heart into pieces for the tartare. Tasty stuff... If you're lucky, you will still end up in bed, savouring physical attraction...

Enjoy responsibly!