XLNT 002
BMD - after

Recognized mainly for his Nu Funk tunes, BMD drops his debut release for XLNT Records with two brand new tracks which are far from the typical genre of his earlier productions. ‘After’, the title track opening the EP, brings in the Chill Out though a bit dark mood, slowly building up the tension until it is released in the breakdown. What seems to be dark and gloomy at the beginning turns into something a lot lighter in the end.

The soothing sounds of ‘Coming’ reinforce the laid back mood of the whole release. Max Sugar injects his personality into the first of the remixes, making it even more relaxing in his own distinct style. Land of Lakes, on the other hand, takes it all up to a different level with deep bass, 808-like drums and atmospheric delays.

To paraphrase the classic: turn on, tune in, chill out.

BMD - After
BMD - Coming
BMD - Coming (max.sugar remix)
BMD - Coming (Land of Lakes remix)