XLNT 003
Ane – Run Away

Run Away is the debut release from a young DJ and music producer from Poland – Ania Chojnacka aka Ane. The titled track is a fair dose of bass, various synthetic sounds penetrating the whole composition and a child’s laughter adding dark and a bit disquieting character to the song.

Trying to put the original mix down to one category, it would have to be classified as Deep Tech. Following this logic, the remix of Japanese producer Ayako Mori is an Ambient Techno version, whereas Cez14 presents a Dub look on Ane’s production, interspersing soft sounds of rhodes and warm bass with dance beat taken from Big Beat dimensions.

Luckily, it all sounds good enough not to make anybody run away…

Ane – Run Away
Ane – Run Away (Ayako Mori remix)
Ane – Run Away (Cez14 remix)