XLNT 004
max.sugar - flex EP

This is the second extended play from max.sugar released for XLNT Records. The same chilled stuff, designed for urban existence, perfect for listening on your headphones or to be played loud in your car.

The release opens with Blood Is Red, Bruises Are Blue, a Hip Hop instrumental track with modern electronic ambience and characteristic sweetness of max.sugar. Enough said, it is an insight into the beautiful complexities of relationships, all relationships, no matter how dynamic they can get…

Dream On is an eclectic Downtempo story with etno influences and a hint of a smooth arpeggiated bass. All this is taken to another dimension in a floating remix from an artist called Snipz.

Last but not least, there is Wilson Kime, inspired by Peter F. Hamilton’s Commonwealth Saga, a tasty mixture of acoustic bass, synthesizers and a hypnotizing beat.

Sit back, relax, open your mind and submerge your senses into the Downtempo sweetness of max.sugar