XLNT 005
TVB - Soundboy

‘Soundboy’ is the first release of a Polish producer TVB for XLNT Records. Two original tunes, filled with deep bass, take us straight to the world of Future Beats. The title track is full of smoke, Dub inspirations and original Jungle beats laid nicely over a naughty bassline, which hardly makes you stand still. ‘Night Lift’ is a mixture of UK Garage, House and Trap, all of which meet at 128 bpm.

Three different artists have risen to the challenge of reworking the latter track and presenting their own remixes. Max.Sugar injects his sweetness into one of them, taking us to the world of sublime Electronica. Rory Hoy brings back good memories of the golden era of Old Skool Breaks and Big Beat, whilst Chudy makes a Breakstep remix with a straightforward drum pattern and a distinct bassline, ideal for the dancefloor.

TVB – Soundboy
TVB – Night Lift
TVB – Night Lift (Chudy remix)
TVB – night Lift (max.sugar sweet remix)
TVB – Night Lift (Rory Hoy remix)