XLNT 008
Ane – Follow The Nature

Ane returns in 2015 with her new EP on XLNT Records. ‘Follow The Nature’ has its beginnings in spring, when the world comes to life. The opening track ‘Atelopus’ is characterized by deep bassline, tech-house beat and spatial instrumental sounds, thanks to which the whole composition gains an almost hypnotic charm. The title reflects Ane’s association of a brightly coloured species of small toads with the track’s sort of acidic structure.

‘Atelopus’ is followed by two remixes: Dani presents his own vision taking us to a Dub Techno dimension, whereas max.sugar breaks all conventions and styles in his very personal look at Ane’s artistic expression.

The final supplement of the release is a collaborative track by Ane and max.sugar. Raw, dirty, almost industrial sound, enhanced with the reverbs of birds and unrecognizable female vocals make it almost impossible to match this tune to any genre. We leave it for you to assess.

Ane – Atelopus
Ane – Atelopus (Dani remix)
Ane – Atelopus (max.sugar remix)
Ane & max.sugar – Birds