XLNT 010
BMD – Funk It Up

A brand new single from BMD – ‘Funk It Up’ – is a funk filled Big Beat tune that should satisfy the tastes of all those who miss the sounds of the old school breaks of the 90’s. Punchy beats, funky basslines and spoken vocals all compile nicely to create a solid tune that will certainly make you want to move.

The original mix is supported by a Deep House remix from another XLNT Records family artist – Ane, who adds quite a few pads and percussive elements, but carries on the notion of the 90’s with a characteristic sound of synth bass.

The release would not be complete without two more remixes from Nu-Funk scene artists. DJ Clairvo delivers a funk driven laid-back grooves remix with an oriental edge to it. Whereas Rory Hoy comes up with another Big Beat banger with a funked-up twist on his remix. A great way to get the party started!

BMD – Funk It Up
BMD – Funk It Up (Ane remix)
BMD – Funk It Up (DJ Clairvo remix)
BMD – Funk It Up (Rory Hoy remix)