XLNT 011
Black Howler – Square Time

The mysterious identity of Black Howler goes hand in hand with his exceptional production skills. All that can be said is that he is a creature with a particular interest in the heavier side of bass. Having the vibe and energy that most good music lovers will appreciate, ‘Square Time’ takes us on a funky trip to areas commonly associated with Glitch Hop music.

Expanding the genre to the full and making his remix even funkier than the original mix, D.END blends future sounding and oldchool synths, organic samples and heavy bass action together in a dynamic and groovy style.

A young Hungarian producer, Fourth, takes the original to the Dubstep dimension with some spacious synth breakdowns to let us enjoy the ride in the full. Finally, inspired by the 80’s disco and boogie, Bulgarian artist Slugware creates a Breakbeat remix that nicely rounds up the whole release.

Black Howler – Square Time
Black Howler – Square Time (D.END remix)
Black Howler – Square Time (Fourth remix)
Black Howler – Square Time (Slugware remix)