XLNT 012
Snipz – Pride

Snipz are fragments, bits and pieces cut out from different styles, sounds and inspirations. The result of this artistic process is ‘Pride’. The release, consisting of the original track and its four remixes, somehow reflects the whole catalogue of XLNT Records up to date: an eclectic mixture of various genres.

In contrast to the simplicity of a Broken Beat remix by BMD stands the multitude of sounds layered over a downtempo beat in max.sugar’s interpretation.

Land of Lakes delivers a bass driven Downtempo remix with a twist of a doubletime broken beat syncopation, whereas Mateo Paz creates a House remix, probably the best pick for the dancefloor from the pack.

And what about the title track ‘Pride’? We leave it for you to listen and decide.

Snipz – Pride
Snipz – Pride (BMD remix)
Snipz – Pride (Land of Lakes remix)
Snipz – Pride (max.sugar remix)
Snipz – Pride (Mateo Paz remix)