XLNT 013
Tuxedo – Sopot At Night

Sopot, once dubbed ‘the clubbing capital city of Poland’, is definitely one of the places in the country, where a night spent is a night to remember. ‘Sopot at Night’ is the first ever release on XLNT Records of Tuxedo, one of the most talented Polish producers of the young generation. A resident DJ at Proton and Frisky Radio, with releases on some of the biggest Progressive House imprints in the world, he always searches for melodies, harmonies and drifting emotions that can affect the listeners, control the mood and touch their souls. And that is what the 10-minute long original track is about.

Aitra and David Sonido continue the journey into House in their remixes. The former expands the progressive side of sounds, whereas the latter makes an effort to appeal to a wider audience through elevating the synths and adding some vocals.In contrast to the simplicity of a Broken Beat remix by BMD stands the multitude of sounds layered over a downtempo beat in max.sugar’s interpretation.

The last two remixes on the release are quite different. While Marboc delivers a Chill Out interpretation with an outer space depth, max.sugar slows the things down and, with crackling sounds of a vinyl record, takes us on a journey into the world of Downtempo Electronica.

It is up to you to decide which of the tracks you will choose to enjoy ‘Sopot at Night’.

Tuxedo – Sopot at Night
Tuxedo – Sopot at Night (Aitra remix)
Tuxedo – Sopot at Night (David Sonido remix)
Tuxedo – Sopot at Night (Marboc Chill remix)
Tuxedo – Sopot at Night (max.sugar remix)