XLNT 014
max.sugar - Mood EP

This time only a few solo tracks from max.sugar to brighten your autumn days. A bit moody, starts with an electronica-infused guitar tune with guest appearance from Mikołaj Tchorzewski. All of you who secretly sing to RHCP tunes on the radio will like the sliding riffs in this piece.

Guitar elements remain throughout the rest of this short EP, sampled from an old, out-of-tune acoustic guitar max keeps in his basement. Hands Off, his favourite one on this release, is a sweet-bitter tune, reflecting on sharing (or not sharing) things and the impact of this on today’s society.

The Journey Continues is clearly all about travelling to places. Often not the destination, but the journey itself is important. Street Corner closes the list, being most urban of all, describing a hot summer day in a city.

max.sugar - Afraid (feat. Mikolaj Tchorzewski)
max.sugar - Hands Off
max.sugar - The Journey Continues
max.sugar - Street Corner