XLNT 016
BMD - Nickelodeon

If you google BMD, the chances are you are not going to get anywhere near the Polish DJ and music producer. But if you add the letters XLNT, you are pretty sure to find one of the most prolific and recognised Nu Funk artists from Poland. And this one here is his new EP.

‘Nickelodeon’ is a funky blend tune of new and old; broken beats, wobbling bass and that-70’s guitars. Having recently had an EP released on Ghetto Funk, D.End in his remix could not have delivered anything short of what anybody would expect of him, so you are surely to find all that dirty goodness there. The other remix is by one and only Rory Hoy, an unquestionable ambassador of all Big Beat sounds in the 21st century.

The EP closes with a mellow, vintage sounding Funk tune with smooth Hammond rhodes, which does not seem to fit here, and yet, it does complete this EP.

BMD - Nickelodeon
BMD - Nickelodeon (D.End remix)
BMD - Nickelodeon (Rory Hoy remix)
BMD - Riders Of The Rhodes